New House Tour!


I've been gone for too long lovely people! I've been so busy the past few weeks, as we've been moving house and get ourselves all sorted out in the new place.

We've moved from a small two bed flat to a 3 bed house all within Newcastle, the house is amazing and much more modern than the flat which will hopefully be much warmer and nicer in the winter than our past house!

So I was thinking you might all want a little House tour! It's not completely finished as we have a couple more things to add and do. (And a few things to put away...)

Here goes...

Pretty much the whole house is carpeted in a cream short pile carpet and it's super soft and comfy underfoot. It makes the house look clean and fresh all the time. We're hoping to find some pictures or a mirror to go on the main hallway wall, good for a quick check on the way out the door.

On the far wall of our hall is this Map of Newcastle with G and I's first 3 addresses as a couple, so where we met (Halls of Residence), our first flat (Jesmond) and our current house (Gosforth). I made this for Valentines for G this year and even wrote a blog post about it here.

Living Room:
Our living rooms is really big which I love and these wooden slated blinds are fixed all throughout the house which let in tons of light but also keep the light out really well when needs be.

The sofa's were donated by my Nana and we've just thrown a couple of our, many, blankets on there to make them feel like our own.

We grabbed the Coffee table and tv stand from good old Ikea and they're the Lack series in Black and Black/Brown not that you can really tell the difference.
The bookshelf was donated from my parents and will be soon up cycled and possible painted white and will be filled with dvd's.

Kitchen/Dining Room:
The open feeling of this room is what drew me in when we were first shown the house. It's such a bright and airy space but hold the heat so well and we've yet to be cold in here. The kitchen and all the main appliances were provided with already, the only big things that belong to us are the hoover and iron.

Of course all the kitchen accessories are our which we built up over our last year together, including the kettle (a |Le Creuset bargain from TK Maxx) and all of our kitchenware like cups, plates, etc. We have mason jars with all the things we use daily like flour, pasta, sugar, etc.
It's just a general mishmash of us!

The dining room is open plan with the kitchen which is awesome as it makes it so friendly and open. The dining table and chairs were kindly donated by G's gran and are perfect to sit in the space. They might possibly get painted white in the next few months, if not we'll keep them as is and find a nice table cloth.

We made use of the shelves to put our excess kitchen things on, such as cookbooks, the blender (Breville), my cake stand and other bits and bobs.

Utility Room:
It's almost like a mini greenhouse in this room as it gets so hot and I can see myself living in here in the winter. Anyway it houses our washer, dryer and other housecleaning bits. But mostly it's where our recycling piles high! It's also filled with many tools and extra bits and pieces like G's golf clubs.

We didn't do much in here obviously as we're renting, but we love the separate shower/bath combination as we're used to having them both together.

We're pretty simple in here and just have our white towels we found on sale in Fenwicks and all our products on the window ledge.

Computer/Sewing Room:
As you can tell this is where a lot of our time is spent. G has his computer desk, Bass guitar and weights in this room. I have my sewing machine and piles of crafting/sewing bits and pieces and every so often my laptop will make an appearance on my desk.

We've mostly been using the sliding wardrobes for storage, so we have a place to store the things we don't need everyday. But we keep the middle ones open and have things on show like our board games and some pictures.

I honestly love having a separate space for all of our crafts and computer things, our previous flat we had our living room, dining room, and computer/craft things all in one room so we were a little squash. Now we have so much space for the both of us.

I love this room because it's so spacious. The bed is from my parents house and was my bed but they donated it to us. Same with the draw and chest unit which I got when I was younger, we're using it as little storage and as a tv stand for now.
The cards and posters on the wall are things I've collected over a few months and just popped them up using colourful washi tape!

In the opposite corner we just have our washing basket and beside the bed is a thrifted little side table I found in a charity shop for £6.00 and snapped up as I knew it was a super bargain.
I hope in the future to add a bench or chair in the window for winter reading sessions!

I'm a lover of blankets and honestly thing you can never have too many! This green one is from TK Maxx (a super spot for blankets!) and the bedding I found on eBay but have seen similar in Wilkinson's recently. It's chevron on one side and stripe on the other so it's very Newcastle!

These teds are our childhood teddies, and a bear G got for me in London when we visited a year ago!

Walk in closet/spare room:
I had my eye on this room from the second we signed our lease, I knew it would make a perfect walk in wardrobe.

I have plenty of clothes which is obvious in these picture and I just knew a wardrobe in the bedroom wouldn't suffice. And what else do you do with an extra room when you have all those clothes?
We got two simple rails form Ikea and so far I filled them with most of my clothes and a few of G's until we ran out of hangers.. Oops!
I also need to sand down the draws in this unit so that I can fill it with all our winter clothes and spares.

But there's also extra storage in this room as it has a built in cupboard which we'll probably use again as storage for winter clothes.

It's not huge and there's no grass but that's kind of perfect for us as we're not hugely garden people, I love the option of having the decking and seating in case we want to have the odd BBQ.

I am in love with this house, it feels like a home rather than just somewhere we're living for now.
I'll keep you all updated on the changes we make, and keep an eye out for some upcycling projects very soon.

What's your favourite part of your home?


Summer Colour Crushes

As I've been in town lately I've noticed a few colours around me that I'm loving!

Firstly I've coveting anything in mint green! It's just such a perfect pastel colour, springy and fresh.
I spotted these on Etsy and I'm in love!
Wouldn't these just look gorgeous hanging from the handles of draws or maybe a wardrobe! And plus they're a bargain at just £1.99 each find them here at Whisper of the Pipit on Etsy.

Image from Whisper of the Pipit

I spotted this nail varnish in Boots, it's Max Factor mini in Ivory, not sure ivory is a good description is more of a gold colour. I love how easy it is to apply and how fast it dries, and if you're looking for a matte gold this is the perfect choice. Find it here on the Boots website for £3.99 and they only have this in the mini version.

Peachy pink: 
As you can probably guess from my blog Peach/Coral is one of my favourite colours. And after a little look in Primark the other days I came out with a couple of cute little peachy items. 
First peachy find was these little floral frilly socks! They're the kind that Topshop made popular but for a fraction of the price as these were only £1.50! 

This isn't just a summer fav, this is an all year round-everyday of my life kinda favourite. I wear navy probably everyday and I'm currently lusting after this gorgeous Tullip shaped navy cardigan from Topshop for £30. I think it'd be perfect for days when there's a chill in the air and our much awaited trip down to Cornwall at the end of this summer. 

Image from
There's my colour crushes for this season, I'll undoubtedly have at least one of these colours in my outfit everyday, even if it's just that cute little gold nail polish. 


Shortcrust Pastry

I've had a pack of shortcrust pastry stuffed in the freezer for months. But we're moving soon and I knew I needed to do something with it soon or I'd have to throw it out and I definitely didn't want to do that. So one Sunday afternoon I decided to bake up a storm.

First make:
Quiche, specially mushroom and cheese. I used this simple recipe and just switched out the ham and onion for my own choice of ingredients.

Next up....
Jam tarts! I always remember making these with my Mama when we had left over pastry so I thought I'd throw some together. Pop some pastry circles in a muffin tray with some jam on top, bake for 10 minutes and ta-da! Easy-peasy jam tarts!

My favourite use of the day was definitely apple pie. So simple and super yummy! Chopped and pealed apples with some sugar and cinnamon popped into your pastry case, put your lid on the top and crimp the edges. Cut two little holes in the top to let the steam out and stop a soggy bottom. Bake for 35-40 minutes. 

Enjoy with ice cream or cream or just nice and warm on one of the many rainy days we have here in England.