Autumn Winter favourites!

So I thought it was about time I did a little wish list of the wonderful things I've spotted recently!

Firstly I've loved the recent Cath Kidston campaign for their new tote bags and I am most definitely a totes big kinda girl! I probably carry way too much stuff but I think their totes big bags would be perfect for carrying everything to and from Uni in my final year. You can find their new tote bags here!

Next thing is a MAC lipstick! So Chaud which I love the look of especially for the cold Autumn/Winter we're probably going to have very soon.
I can imagine the reddish coral colour would really pop with pale winter skin!
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I spotted this letter set in John Lewis and it reminded me of the gorgeous prints that Liberty have!
Personally I love a handwritten letter and think the idea of writing on these would be amazing. I know lots of people who would love to receive a letter in these.

Something I've been watching! Zoella and Hannah Maggs.
Both of these ladies are so lovely and just great fun to watch! I wish I could make such amazing videos as they do.

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My favourite recent find is Shore Projects watches!

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These watches are very classic and simple so I think they'd blend well with most outfits. I also love that the straps on these watches are interchangeable as they have so many patterns you could buy as many as you like and change with your outfit!

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These are my top straps! The Polka Dot straps are £25, the Classic straps are £20 and the Leather straps are £30. 

That about sums up my favourites for this post! I hope you like some of the things I've posted I certainly do. 


*I chose all of these products myself and was not paid to talk about any of them. But I really do love them and wouldn't talk about them if I didn't. 

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