First Wedding Wednesday!

I thought I'd do a little update on how things are at the moment seeing as how something big happened lately...

G and I got engaged!

It was magical and perfect and we weren't quite sure what to do afterwards so we took pictures.

We wandered through Jesmond Dene too, admired Autumn appearing and looked at Pets Corner with the quit adorable goats.

I adore my ring and can't stop staring at it, G did so well and I think it's about as perfect as I could have imagined. 

I have tons of ideas for the big day and have started compiling them all on Pinterest (if you want to follow and see what my ideas for the wedding are click the link in the sidebar). We're both falling on a November date and hopefully in about two years once we've finished with all our commitments like university and apprenticeships and have had enough time to save up. 

It will definitely be crafty and with lots of DIYs so be prepared for lots of DIY posts and updates on the planning process between my usual posts. 

This is, fingers crossed, my first post of #blogtober so stay tuned for more posts!

A very excited Katy

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