My desk

I thought you might like to see how I've styled my desk!

When we moved in it was a mess and to be honest it's still a work in progress, all my boxes were mis matched and everything was thrown around! Not organised at all, it's taken me until this week to finally sort it all out and make it look together.

I've gone for a pink and gold theme. But I'm not too strict with that there are other colours there too, if I like something I'll go ahead and throw it on there.

I'll list where things are from at the bottom of this post incase you'd like to know.

Not sure why there's a spoon in my jar...

Desk | IKEA, White Chair | IKEA, Jars | Kilner, Gold Glitter Box | Card Factory, Pink Diamond Boxes | IKEA,  Bronze Letters | Hobbycraft (unpainted),  Pink Bowl | Gift, Black Picture frame | Gift, Bunny lights | Notonthehighstreet,  Winnie the Pooh books | Second Hand, Woodland drawings | By me, Bronze Box | DIY, Red Notebook | Cath Kidston, Brown Notebook | Waterstones, Red spot Pencil Case | Cath Kidston, Laptop | Apple Macbook Pro, Phone Case | Alphabet Bags.

'Something wicked' Laptop Background |

Noticeboard | DIY, Basket (with fabric in) | TK Maxx.

I'm pretty happy with how it looks right now but odds are it'll change again in a few months time.
If there's anything I missed and you want to know where it's from let me know in the comments and I'll help you out!

Katy xx

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