Tips for Journalism Students

These are probably things you'll hear from your tutors or family friends or just strangers on the street who hear you mention aspiring to be a writer. But after nearly 3 years of studying I thought I'd share a few tips for budding journalists I've picked up along the way.

1. Start a blog.

Not to blow my own trumpet as it took me until 2nd year to start my blog but I can't imagine how valuable this blog is going to be when I'm applying for jobs. My lecturers mentioned blogging but it didn't hit home until I was anticipating final year that this could be essential in my writing development.

2. Work experience.

As part of my course I complete 20 days of work experience for one module in final year. But if yours doesn't or even if you're only thinking about studying Journalism work experience is so valuable, connections and even some writing experience can help so much in the future.

3. Write, write and write even more.

This is where your blog comes in handy, even if you write once a week you'll be developing your writing and improving. You might not notice it immediately but look back 6 months later and see that change. Take any chance you can to write it'll pay off in the end.

4. Make as many connections as you can. 

Whether that be your lecturers, guest lecturers, people you meet on work experience or just people you happen across in life that could be useful. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself and ask questions. The worst that can happen is they say no and the best can be incredible things. These are the people and places where you'll get your jobs later on.

Most of all work hard and keep going, journalism can be hard but if you work your butt off it will pay off.

Good luck!

Katy xx

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