Things I'm thankful of this week.

Sundays are always the most lovely days. We relax, we eat nice food and overall do nothing. I thought I'd make my sunday posts about the things that I've been thankful for this week.

So here's what made me happy this week:

1. The perfect Autumn weather that's started to roll in. It rained the other day and I was so excited! Autumn Winter is the best season.

2. New glittery shoes! I do love glitter and grabbing my black glitter slippers from Topshop was a highlight of the week!

3. Winning an 'I am Blogger' tee from Layla at Lettered Cottage and Blogthreads on an Instragram giveaway. Can't wait to wear this one out and about.

4. Making the pom poms I ordered to try out as decorations for the wedding!

5. Making plans to go wedding dress browsing with my Mama!

6. Throwing on all the cardigans I own because it's finally cold enough.

7. Getting excited for next Sunday's Vintage Wedding Fair!

8. Rediscovering Sims 3 and becoming a recluse once again. With Sims it's all or nothing.

9. Reorganising my blog and adding in a few more bits and bobs! (Look for my About Me page!)

10. Getting excited for Halloween. I've got bunting and can't wait to get a pumpkin!

Here's hoping next week is just as great!

Katy xx

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