Ten things to do this Autumn.

Autumn is just the start of my favourite time of year. I love that you get that cold wintery feel but minus the wind and rain. (Not that I don't love winter and it's freezing nature.)

1. Stop and admire the scenery. Grab a hot chocolate, tea or your tipple of choice and take a walk. We all get so busy sometimes that we forget whats going on around us, Autumn can quite honestly be one of the most beautiful times of year all the leaves, the trees changing colour.

So take that infamous advice, stop and smell the roses.

2. Ready yourself for the Halloween influx! Make cakes, stock up on sweets and plan that halloween costume. Simple or complex don't leave it to the last second or you'll be a cat for yet another year.

3. Have a bonfire. Toast a marshmallow and warm your hands on the fire. Drink it in and be as cliche as you like.

4. Bake a pie (or buy if you're not the baking type). Apple, plum, throw some cinnamon and spices in there. Top it with some vanilla ice cream and enjoy.

5. Wrap up warm. Buy all the scarfs and gloves you like, goodness knows in England you're going to need them!

Katy xx

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