Wedding Wednesday: My wedding notebook

I thought for this Wedding Wednesday I'd give you all a little peak at my wedding notebook!

I've been writing down my ideas and plans. All the things we've decided on and I've doodled next to them.

I just have a simple ring binder from WH Smiths.

So far my favourite magazines to flick through have been You&Your Wedding and Brides, they have plenty of content and lots of real weddings of all different themes.

I have lots of cuttings from magazines. That I throw in the back of my book to look at whenever I'm thinking of making a decision about something.

Lots of floaty, chiffon dress inspiration. I'm especially in love with the one in the middle from Ti Adora.

I split my book into sections and wrote down all our initial ideas for what we wanted.

We've pretty much decided on our wedding venue and just need to organise a time to go and see it officially. But from all the pictures and info we've seen we couldn't imagine anywhere more suited to us. 

Doodles for the entrance.

Wedding dress sketches.

Our aim is to do a lot of the decorations, invitations and food like desert table and drinks ourselves. Which will save us money and we'll enjoy doing at the same time.

I also started a list of music in the back of the book to write down songs I hear and love.

I keep smiling every time I look at G and remember that I get to marry that amazing man. And I know I've caught him smiling at me a few times too. 

We're beyond excited and can't wait to officially start planning, booking and making. 

Katy xx

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