A little home haul!

So today we popped into town will some home things in mind and I thought I'd pop up a little homeward haul.

Most of these are things we've been hoping to get for a while and have finally went for. 

First stop was new bedding! We've been dying for some new fresh stuff for ages especially something white. When we spotted this in Debenhams we couldn't leave it behind especially as it was in the sale!

It was £45 instead of £90 which is a bargain really for RJR. John Rocha double set. 

I love the bedding. It's just a plain white with a tiny bit of appliqué and it looks simple and clean. 

New towels! We finally went and bought some new ones and we're a little excited about it. The fact that these were on sale for £12 each was even more perfect. We did have white ones and thought they just got dirty so much easer and went for brown instead this time.

A steamer! This is something we've needed for a while now. We don't have many pans and trying to cook vegetables became a little bit of a nightmare.

We were very kindly given some gift cards for Debenhams so that's why we had a little spree.

Next stop was TK Maxx, we were hoping for another roasting pan and found some headphones along the way.

We grabbed this one for just £4.99.

£5 for HeadCandy head phones is the reason I love TK Maxx seeing as a little kitty chewed my other pair in half.

Next stop was Argos for a slow cooker. Another thing I've been hoping to get for this Winter so we can pop things in in the morning and come home to an easy dinner after Uni and work.
This one is 3.5l and £13.99.

Lux is a big fan of the slow cooker. Not sure if she thinks it's for her or if she's just very excited for the box.

This face is saying 'Give me the box lady!'

We're feeling ready for Winter now with our bits and bobs. 
There'll be plenty of Slowcooker recipes coming up soon to get you ready for the cold months. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend! 

Katy xx

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