Halloween Kitchen Decorations!

Late night post but it's fitting for the theme of this post! Halloween! I know I'm a little early to the party but I have other ideas for closer to Halloween and I as soon as I spotted this pumpkin in Asda I knew it was time to decorate!

So I thought I'd show you the few things we've done to decorate for Autumn!

Firstly I grabbed this adorable bunting from Asda as it was only £1 and looks perfect in the kitchen above our dinning table.

Next I got these Pom Poms as a test to see if I liked the orange, turns out it looks more peachy online and bright orange in real life. So I decided to repurpose them as our Halloween decorations!

We also got a pumpkin! We're going to make this into a lantern tomorrow but I think it looks pretty sweet on our kitchen table!

With a little black and white cat like this can you guess what I might dress up as for Halloween?? (A Witch!)

I'm super excited for this season and I'm planning on decorating the hallway and maybe the living room too so watch out for those!

Katy xx

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