Sewing essentials

I've been sewing for quite a while now, I began with the little things like sewing up a hole in a pair of tights or a pocket and have moved on to bigger things like cushion covers and hopefully dresses and skirts soon.

Since I've posted a couple of sewing tutorials I thought a little 'Sewing Essentials' post might be in order. So here are a couple of things that I think every new sewer should have to hand when they get started!

1. Needles of various sizes, and lots of them. You will loose them and never find them again, sometimes even mid sewing.

2. All the basic coloured threads black, white, brown, navy. If like me you have a cat who is obsessed with stealing them you'll probably need extras.

3.Pins and lots of them. They will be easily lost and you will always need about a million more than you think you need. Similar to bobby pins. Somehow they will mysteriously disappear over time until you're left with a single lonely pin which is useless to you.

4. Scissors. Pinking sheers. Fabric scissors. Sounds like a lot of different types right? You'd be surprised. I have strictly fabric scissors and will get crazy if someone uses them for other purposes. Same with my pinking sheers (the zigzag ones) specific to fabric.

A little added kitten in there too! She loves to play with anything sewing related.

5. Tape measure. Another one of those things you'll probably lose every other day. But a good tape measure will always come in handy even for the littlest sewing projects.

So get started and I'd love to see what you're learning or trying out! I want to give Crochet a go!

Have fun!
Katy xx

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