a capsule wardrobe

i've been considering a capsule wardrobe for a while after seeing hanna from thewayfamily talk about hers. and browsing un-fancy which has so much inspiration and helps me think i could actually do this. 

my style is usually a mash up of a lot of basics pieced together and i tend to wear the same items week by week. so i've just decided to just go for it and i've spent the last few weeks looking at my wardrobe and taking note of the things i wear daily. and i've finally chosen my 40 items and i'll be doing the wardrobe from may 1st to august 1st, then i'll take a look at my summer wardrobe and see if i want to switch things out and make it more summery. 

i've tried to source them all and if i can't find them i've posted something similar.

i also have one hat [similar] and two scarves [1 & 2] plus my handbag

i'm excited to mix and match my outfits, i'll be posting about my outfits and updating on how only having 40 items is going, watch this space!

katy x

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