capsule update

it's been two and a bit months of capsule wardrobe and i'm loving it. for the most part it's all the clothes that i would usually wear every day but because there is less to choose from i tend to be more creative and try things i wouldn't usually. 

get ready for a whole lot' a feet/outfit/shoe photos!

layers have become my best friend, along with a simple jeans a t shirt combination which is something i used to shy away from as it just felt too simple but i've been converted. 

i have introduced and said goodbye to a couple of things from my original capsule and swapped a these two long vest tops [1] [2]

and added these two pieces which just gave my wardrobe a little more colour. 

 red shirt - red top [similar] 

there are so many outfits i make up daily that aren't extremely interesting and i also spend half the week in all black for work which makes it a little more exciting when i can show you the more inventive outfits i manage to create. 

tomorrow is my graduation day [how has it been three years??] and i have the prettiest dress ready to pair with my lotta clogs so keep your eyes peeled for that post. if you want to keep up with glen and i's adventures go check out our family blog for regular updates about all things us.  

love katy 

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