Blueberry and Apples:

I never eat breakfast unless I have hours to spare and make pancakes. But once in a while if I have the time and put a little effort I make blueberry compote or stewed apples. They're my favourite especially in the winter to set me up for a cold day.

As I was ordering my weekly shop I spotted blueberries and instantly decided that I needed to make some compote to pile with my yogurt in the morning.
So here's my how to on my blueberry compote for a fast and yummy breakfast:

What you'll need:

400g Blueberries,
1 Orange,
2 Teaspoons of sugar,
3 Tablespoons of water,

How to:

Add the water into a pan and then pour in the blueberries and pop the pan on the hob on a medium heat.

Slowly simmer the blueberries and water, I like to just squash a few of the blueberries to start breaking them down. 

Once the blueberries start breaking down add the sugar and the juice of the orange. 

Finally lower the heat a little and leave the blueberries to stew slightly until they're at a consistency that you like. I like a nice mix of soft blueberries, some that have boiled down and then plenty of syrupy juice. 

Once you've got the compote that you like leave to cool for 10 minutes. 
Then either enjoy the compote straight away or pop it in a bowl and store it in the fridge until you're ready to eat.

This is delicious piled on top of greek yogurt or even with french toast for a treat! 

My other favourite is stewed apples and is just as simple as the blueberries..

What you'll need: 
4-5 Apples, 
3 Teaspoons of sugar, 
3 Teaspoons of water, 
Cinnamon and Ginger to your taste, 

How to:

Peel and chop your apple into small chunks, 

Add ground cinnamon and ginger to your taste, I like quite a bit so it's got that nice spiced apple taste, 

Again add your water to the pan and then add your apples. As your apples get hotter keep mixing them to make sure they don't stick to the pan or burn. 

Pop the lid on your apples and leave to stew until they reach a soft consistency but still hold their shape and have a little bite. If you want yours softer cook them a little longer and the opposite if you want them to have more bite, cook them a little less. 
These are perfect eaten hot or again you can pop them in the fridge.

For both of these they should last a few days in the fridge, not that they ever last that long in our house! 

I could eat both of these for every meal, but especially for breakfast. I loved eating these this morning  and I'll probably end up having them again tonight! 
I hope you'll love these easy peasy recipes and they'll improve your breakfast or like me encourage you to actually eat breakfast. 

It's the most important meal of the day you know!


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