Sunday Adventures: Corbridge

I visited Corbridge last year with my mum as it's between my hometown, Carlisle and Newcastle where I live now. Mum had read about a little shop which sold vintage and repurposed things, I wasn't sure what to expect sometimes these shops can be not as good as the hype.
Well let me tell you RE in Corbridge tucked neatly away between The Angel pub and a garage was better than I would have ever guessed!

I've been waiting to go back for a while now to show G and have lunch at The Angel, so this Sunday we hopped on the train (well we ran) and took the short ride to Corbridge.

Corbridge is such a pretty little town, the train station is only a five minute walk to the town centre, which is good because the wind was crazy!
The town has several pubs a wonderful trait of small northern towns, tiny independent shops and numerous quaint cafes for tea, cake and more tea again.

We started the day with RE! I was excited to get back here and shop, it's full to brimming with so many things that I could have got but I restricted myself to just a few little things. 

The shop opened in 2003 and their mail order catalogue was created in 2004, the have everything stuffed into their space and I'll challenge you to not walk out with something you love.

G's excited! I'm more excited though, he got my Valentines present there! You'll see a peak of it later.

G found the biggest tea mug he's ever seen so I got him that to add to his V-day present, he knows so I'm not giving anything away don't worry. 

I spotted these striped strings and grabbed one in green and one in navy I think I'll be able to use these for everything, scrapbooking and cards, pretty much anything crafty. 

These are actually vintage printing press letter blocks,  I think, and I decided to use them as stamps. This is printed in my soon to be Valentines 2014 page of my scrapbook. I'll use them to make cards too!

These rustic tin letters caught my eye, I saw something like these last year but for a much higher price, whereas these were just £2.50 a pop! They also had bigger sizes all the way up to really quite big ones I like once we have a house of our own.

Last purchase wasn't actually mine but G's present to me for Valentines. I am more than a little excited about this, I've been coveting this gorgeous milk glass cake stand since I first visited RE. I'm such a crazy lucky girl to have found such a perfect guy.
I'm looking forward to Friday when I can whip up a cake to stick on top.

Then we headed next door for Sunday lunch, we were both starving so we really couldn't wait.
It's decorated in that quaint but not too quirky way with duck egg blue wood panelled walls and solid wood tables.
The Angel is such a lovely pub and the menu was to die for, every kind of roast dinner you could ever want for but being the traditionalists we are we chose chicken.

Lunch was Amazing, yes with a capital A. I could eat this roast every Sunday for the rest of my life and I think I might try to replicate it very soon!

Last but most definitely not least on our Sunday adventure was Grants bakery, we grabbed a chocolatey sponge and a huge strawberry meringue! I'm dying to eat the meringue and I've decided I need to make some soon!

Corbridge is definitely worth a trip, even just for a browse in RE if your passing through but if you have a spare day a roast dinner is extremely worth it and so is following it up with a cake or two!
If you've visited I would love to know what else you love in Corbridge for our next trip?


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