Easy Peasy Envelope cushion cover!

I've been looking for a quick and easy way to make cushion cover for a while now and after testing and reading lots of different types I've finally found one that I like.

Step one: Measuring

First of all, take your chosen cushion form and measure it from side to side, the cushion I used is 17x17 inches.

This is bit you're going to want to remember:

For the front fabric of your cushion- you want to add 1 inch to all of the sides, so my cushion being 17x17 I'd make it 18x18 when I'm measuring my fabric.
For the back (and envelope piece of the cushion)- you want to take your original 18x18 and add 4 inches to one dimension, so then the measurements I'm using will be 18x22.

This will work for any size so it can be tailored to any kind of cushion.

Step two: Cutting


Take your chosen fabric and cut out the two pieces, for me this is one piece 18x18 and another 18x22. 

Next you take your back, and bigger, piece with the one longer side (18x22) and cut it in half. So for my cushion I measured halfway and the cut down the middle.

I will then have two pieces that measure 18x11. 

Take those two pieces and hem one of the 18 inch edges by double folding, fold about a half a centimetre of the fabric over and then fold that over once more. 
I pop my fabric on a cutting board and just use a pair of scissors to run gently along this hemmed part, this just holds it in place slightly making it easier for you to then pin in place. You only need to do this on one side of the 

Once you've pinned both of your 18x11 pieces on one side sew along these edges. This will give you a nice neat hemmed edge when you turn the cushion the right way out.

Step three: Putting your cushion together

Next take your front (the piece that's still whole) and lay it pretty side up. Then take your two hemmed pieces and lay them pretty side down on top of the first piece. Pin these together securely all the way round the square. The two top pieces will overlap, that's ok! This will make the envelope of your cushion so you can easily slot the cushion inside. 

Sew along the edges of your you fabric and make sure you sew all of your fabric into the seam. Don't worry if you miss a little just go back and sew over it again. 


Carefully cut close to the stitching on each of your cushions corners. I cut straight across then trim slightly so the edges are rounded. This will help the corners of your cushion cover to be pointed and sharp when you turn it inside out. 


You should have something that looks like this! Check that your corners are nice and sharp, then go ahead and pop your cushion form inside.

Tada! You're all done. The best thing I've found about this method is how easy it is to switch it up depending on the size of your cushion form. It could also be adjusted for a rectangle cushion just use the simple formula. 

Has anyone used this method before? Or do you have a different technique? Let me know! I'd love to here other ways to do this. 


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