10 things I couldn't live without...

I thought I'd give you a little mid week blog post, I've seen this ideas on a few blogs before and thought it was an fun little thing to do.
So heres my selection of the 10 things I just couldn't live without..

1. My Bobble water bottle

I love this water bottle! I've had it for more than a year now and I don't think I'll ever not have one. My mum and I spotted them when we were on holiday in Kent a few years ago in a tiny cookware shop (my heaven) when they were in their first stages and thought the idea was genius so my mum picked one up. About a year later when I was at Uni I spotted them again on Amazon and for £9.99 I thought it was worth a try and at the very least I'd stop spending money on buying bottled water. 

The bottle is BPA free and is completely recyclable (if you ever need to, these things seem to last forever). The idea is that you keep the clear plastic water bottle and replace the water filter top when you feel like you need a fresh one. On the website the filters are recommended for 2 months use or up to 150 litres of water, so far in owning my bottle for around a year and a half I've replaced the water filter twice and I think it's probably equal to a few hundred litres. I'm due to replace it pretty soon actually.

I think it's amazing invention and I take it pretty much every where with me, if you like the look of these they're available here on the Bobble website or if you search on amazon you can find them easy peasy on there. 

2. Daisy by Marc Jacobs

I've been wearing Daisy for umpteen years and every Christmas at least one of the lovely people in my life have gotten me a new bottle, so luckily I can wear this amazing scent everyday. 
I love the freshness of Daisy and I just don't think any of the other fancier options stand up to it. The smell is lovely and floral, and sticks around all day. What more could a girl ask for in a perfume! 

3. My slippers 

Such an old lady, I know! These slippers were the only thing I specifically wanted for Christmas this year and they're from a sheepskin shop in Ambleside near to where my home town is. I've only been wearing them for about a month and my feet have never been warmer, that's a big thing for me, I have perpetually cold feet. These are cosy and hardy and will definitely be on my list again next year!

4. Macbook Pro

I used to be a PC person and now I am undeniably a Mac girl. Despite what people think it's super easy to pick up on the Apple operating system and I like the layout over that of Windows. My Mac is the Pro 14" so it's slim enough to slip in my bag and take it places but it's big enough that it can take the odd knock and still takes DVD's which is a feature I don't think I could live without. 

5. Pretty much anything Cath Kidston

My name is Katy and I'm a Cath-a-holic. I admit it, anything Cath Kidston and I want my name on it. But in my defence just look how pretty it all is! 
Almost everything in my handbag is Cath Kidston, spots, stripes and florals sit happily in the bottom of my bag (yes that's CK too). 
My favourite purchase recently is my red Moleskine notebook which I grabbed in the sales, I carry it everywhere and I'm attempting to fill it with all my blog post ideas and things to do and make. 

6. My Natural Collection Make-up & Elemis Moisturiser

I'm not fancy with my make-up and I've found that for my skin Boots' own brand Natural Collection is my favourite. Apart from the cheap price, I like that there isn't too much to choose from and yet they still have the things I need. I don't own very much make-up and I just have the simple stuff, mascara, concealer, liquid eyeliner, corrector stick and some blusher. 

The only other main thing I have and use in my make-up bag is Elemis soft skin daily moisturiser, I actually got this as a free sample but as soon as it runs out I'll definitely be getting a new one of. It's light and has a gentle scent, I have quite sensitive skin and it gets especially dry in the winter. Of all the moisturisers I've used this is my favourite by far. 

7. Neals Yard Relaxation roll-on

This roll on was a god send in my first year, I'm prone to stress headaches and lavender is such a good essential oil to help with them. 
Neals Yard are a natural organic health and beauty shop, you might have heard of their main shop in London in, you guessed it, Neals Yard near Covent Garden. 
The shop does a range of these roll on essential oils including the relaxation one above, night time, study and a few more too. 
I'll roll this on my wrists and other pulse points like my neck just before I got to bed and I sleep like a baby. 

8. Brother Sewing Machine 

I've been waiting years to buy a sewing machine and my gorgeous Gran gave me some money just before Christmas and told me that it was to buy a sewing machine. Her mum, and my great nanny, was a seamstress and my Gran, mum and I have always sewn. 
I was so excited to finally get this and have to it make plenty pretty things for my new home with G, it now sits proudly in the corner of my desk looking pretty and practical. 

9. Aloe Vera

Now is probably the time to reveal that I am unbelievably clumsy. I'm currently nursing a huge bruise and cut on my knee from when I slipped on the stairs at Uni. 
My go to remedy? Aloe Vera, I use this for everything from cuts and bruises to burns and scrapes. It heals every single one of them and isn't like antiseptic wipes which sting like hell, it's super refreshing and calming. Dr. Organic is the brand I use but really so long as you go for a good pure aloe vera it'll work perfectly. 

10. Dune Boots! 

These boots! I stared at and lusted after these Dune Chelsea boots for months until I'd finally worked up enough money and at last as I was trying them on in Dune for the hundredth time I went for it. 

I've never looked back, the second the sun went away and the rain and clouds came back I had these on my feet. I wear them every day and they've seen me through countless days getting caught in the rain and worn with several pairs of socks they were hardy against the height of our Geordie winter. 
I'm going to be wearing these boots until the day they fall apart and then I'll be running back to Dune for another pair!

There's probably 10 more things I could add to this list and I haven't included G and my family either but they're not things and of course they are the number one thing I don't need to say it for them to know. 

Watch out on Sunday/Monday for my tutorial on making a simple envelope cushion cover. 

Katy x

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