What to do with Washi!

Washi tape is one of my favourite things for crafting!
I started collecting rolls of it when I spotted the prettiest patterns in Paperchase, they were just too colourful to resist.

I have a ridiculous amount of different tapes and most of them I haven't had a chance to use yet so I set my self a challenge today to see what I could use them for with the things I have at home. 

1. I decided to use my yellow chevron tape in my scrapbook instead of gluing the pictures in, I think it looks pretty nice, I'm planning on theming this page in yellow. That's me and my bestie halloween of my first year and G in his Flash suit, multiple people got pictures with him that night. (I'll be doing a scrapbooking post soon, once my book is a little more full)

2. I've seen posts on Pinterest using Washi tape to label things and I really do think it's a wonderful use! We have tons of plugs and wires lying around the house and I can never figure out which ones are which. This is a fun, colourful way to organise odds and ends, you can use Washi tape on most things and it comes of quickly and easily and of course it looks lovely!

3. For cards and envelopes, decorating cards with Washi tapes is one of the things I found most on Pinterest. I actually made the envelope and card, the envelope took a little figuring out but soon enough I had something to decorate, I lined the edges with my turquoise stripy tape on both sides.
For the card I just overlapped layers of my pink tape until I had enough space to write a little message. This one I'll be posting to my best friend.

4. The first page of my Shorthand book was looking a little plain so I jazzed it up with some stripy red tape (one of my favourites) and just used a black sharpie to write my subject and name.

6. Lastly I have a little Kilner jar I use for change, pens and anything in between, which I decided to wrap with my grey and pink tapes. The tapes both have the same floral geometric style print on them and I popped one line of each onto the jar.

These are just some of the many things you can use the tape for and I'm sure I'll find even more uses soon. For now I'll be covering anything I can get my hands on with Washi tape.


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