Tynemouth Adventures

Tynemouth is one of our favourite North East places to visit. Apart from it's obvious beaches and seaside looks it plays host to some of the best shops and cafes I've come across while living in the area.


Thanks to the wonderful Metro system we have here it's easy peasy for us to get to Tynemouth in just 15-20 minutes and for just a few pounds. On a Sunday come rain or shine the Metro station at Tynemouth hosts a market, packed full with everything from cd's and vinyls to chocolate waffles and craft stalls.

If you haven't been to the market before and you live in the area I'd recommend it! There's something for everyone especially for the crafty ones of us. Today I picked up some wonderful things to add to my craft corner, several fabric remnants that I cannot wait to turn into handkerchiefs and scarfs. And some wooden buttons covered with floral prints (Especially the Hello Kitty ones I'll be making into something for my Kitty obsessed cousin.) 

By far my favourite place in Tynemouth has to be the Green Ginger shopping arcade which is build within an old church not only is it a beautiful building but it's full to brimming with interesting and friendly shops. 

G has been in dire need of a haircut for months now but never quite seems to find the time, but when we wandered in to the arcade we spotted the Artful Barber (On Instagram as @artful_barber) which was bursting with charm and right within pretty much everyones price range! 

The lovely lady who runs Artful Barber worked amazing magic on G unruly mop of curly hair and tamed it perfectly. Her shop however was the quaintest place, the walls were covered with art most of which was for sale and the whole place filled with almost unbeatable charm.

Look at this place, what man wouldn't want to get his haircut here?! And G looks much more neat and tidy now.

Final stop on our adventure was Dil and the Bear a coffee shop we couldn't help popping into.
I'm definitely not the kind of person who can resist the lure of a good looking cake and Dil and the Bear is amazing at cake.

We tried the Chocolate Mint cake above and together we barely made it through the most rich delicious slice of cake. There was so much more I wanted to try but just didn't think I'd make it home if I ate anymore. But believe me this place is worth a look in and if you can the lunch dishes looked irresistible.

This visit didn't include the beach unfortunately, my mantra for the seaside is if I'm near the sea I must dip my feet but today was just too cold, I'm afraid I would have lost my toes and I value them a little too much.

Tynemouth is the perfect place for a North East day trip, come rain or shine the little town has everything you need for a fun filled day.


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And watch out for my next post 'What to do with Washi tape'... 

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