At the moment I'm living in a wee student flat with my lovely other half and our 'desk' areas are squished up into our living room/dinning room. G had his computer all set up in the other corner but for the past few months I've been making do with our tiny dinning table.

So on news years day I had the impulse to shift some stuff around! The above pictures are the pre shots of what our tiny space looked like. 

And this is the, almost, finished product! 
We got a new desk each (Ikea bargains!) and on my side I've added a few little easy DIY things like my pin board and the cushion cover on my chair. 

G just increased his space and is now bound to try and fit another screen in there if he can. But he works with computers so I guess I can't deny him that. 

That just about sums up my update, we also rejigged the rest of our living room but that's not quite as interesting so I'll leave that for another day. 

Look out for my next post that will show you how to make a simple cushion cover like the one sitting on my chair. 

Love Katy!

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