Vegetable Stew

I love to make a veggie stew, come rain or shine. I think you can always find seasonal vegetables that taste delicious in a stew, I've previously made this in the winter but thought I'd make a more spring like version. 

So into my stew went:

Cherry tomatoes, 
Sweet potatoes, 
Kidney beans, 
Chopped tomatoes, 
1 Pint water, 
1 stock cube, 

First I peeled and chopped up sweet potato into small chunks. 
Into a large pan pop the chopped tomatoes and sweet potatoes on a mid heat and let simmer. 

Next up chop up one parsnip and add to the sweet potatoes, follow this with a courgette. All chopped into bite size chunks.

Add one stick of chopped celery and two chopped up carrots then leave to simmer on a mid-high heat for 10 minutes.
You'll also need to top up the liquid with a pint of hot water with a stock cube at this point in the recipe.

Add a handful of halved cherry tomatoes, and some cauliflower.

I also chopped up some mushrooms ready to add afterward as G doesn't like mushrooms. And seeing as how I grabbed this whole bag from my local market for 50p I was excited to use them up!

Add all of these veggies to the pot, and follow with your beans and mushrooms now if you want them. Leave this to simmer for a final 5 minutes and serve.

Best enjoyed on that day you just need a little warming pick me up. Something hearty and good for you but delicious. 


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