Wall Art

So I was sketching the other day and came up with this little Calligraphy style Wall Art.
I've spotted quite a few quote wall prints on Pinterest and Etsy and thought I'd have a go at sketching something of my own. The first quote I chose was "You are my Sunshine my only Sunshine!" G sings this to me all the time so it was an obvious choice. 

I did a couple of quotes to pop on our wall and thought you might like the a peek at them too.
These are great because you can choose whatever quote you like and in any colour and personalise them to your own colour scheme.

Grab a pencil, rubber, pen and some A4 paper or card.

So to start off I picked my quote "A person is a person no matter how small" from Dr Seuss.

First sketch out your quote in pencil onto a piece of A4. The first few times I drew these it took a while to get the letters exactly how I want it that's why we start with pencil so we can easy peasy change it whenever.

Here's a sketch of the alphabet to get you started but if you're writing the letters joined these might change slightly or depending on your own style might look a little different. 

Next go over your lines carefully with a pen. I like to use black as it looks clean but you could choose any colour. 

Fill in and add curves and flicks to the letters of your quote. I drew these in first where I wanted them, then filled in with my pen to make the Calligraphy style font.

Lastly wait until your pen is dry completely then rub out any stray pencil marks you can spot! 

Then hang your handmade quote on the wall and marvel at your craftiness! 

Thanks for reading! Which quotes did you choose? I'd love to see what you've all made!


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