Strawberry season!

It's finally strawberry season! And the strawberries taste really good, so I grabbed some from our market along with some cherries which looked too good to resist.

I thought I'd make them into something a little sweet! Fruity jelly...

I chopped my strawberries and destoned the cherries in to bite size pieces. 

I just wanted to eat this whole bowl while I was chopping them but I had to resist and get the jelly part ready.

I found these adorable little pots last year in a charity shop, 5 of them for £1 I couldn't leave them behind. They have the sweetest little heart pattern in the bottom and are perfect for some little summer jellies. 

I filled the pots up three quarters of the way with the jelly mix and filled the rest up with the strawberries and cherries.

They'll probably take a few hours to chill and set the jelly, but then you can enjoy them in some of this lovely warm weather we've been having. 

I've even brought out my sunglasses this week to enjoy the sunshine! 


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