I've been so busy this past week finishing my deadlines for University but I thought I'd share a little love for one of our forgotten vegetables..

I feel like Beetroot is one of those vegetables everyone looks at like it's evil. It looks dirty and difficult to cook and really not worth the bother.
I felt the same until G's dad gave us some from his vegetable patch last year. I was cautious but we roasted it, peeled it and popped it in pasta, you can never go wrong with pasta right? We loved it!

Now we buy Beetroot at our local market all the time to roast for salads, pastas and just general yummy meals.

My favourite way to cook them is with a tiny drizzle of oil roasted in the oven, they take about 45 minutes but come out so delicious and juicy I don't mind the wait. 

If you've never tried Beetroot before start with a salad. 
It's salad season and I couldn't be happier! Not only do I eat a lot healthier when I eat salads but they're also so yummy and versatile I couldn't think of much else for a summer lunch. 

Last weeks salad was just lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and beetroot drizzled with balsamic glaze. (So yummy by the way!) 

So please! Give beetroot the benefit of the doubt, it's good I promise! 


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