Hello! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. 
G and I discovered the best fruit and vegetable stall our local market so we've been going through fresh food at a crazy rate.
On Saturday we made eggs and fresh grilled vegetables. So yummy! Local food is definitely the best kind of food. 

Anthropologie deliveries! YAY! I'm crazy for Anthro and there's always something I could add to my growing kitchen. This cute little egg crate has been on my wish list so thank you for my birthday discount Anthro!

We treated ourselves to a waffle maker this weekend and had such a good breakfast on Sunday! Seriously how have I survived without one of these? Try the lovely Lemon Sugar's waffle recipe for the greatest waffle ever (I promise)!

I also had fun and some down time making the sweetest DIY Hostess Apron from Stylemepretty!
Using fabric that had been looking for a home and tweaking a few things here and there I ended up with such a cute little apron I'll surely be making for everyone I know!

My pleats aren't perfect as this was actually the first time I've ever done them but I still love it! The perfect use for this fabric. 

It's been a crazy Monday and feels like the week should be over already but only a few more days and I'll be (almost) free from University for the Summer! 

So watch out for a few exciting things happening this next few weeks!


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