Spring Planters!

I've been waiting for spring to come so I could plant some lovely things. We've been having the most dreary weather later, since spring apparently came we've had no sun and just a whole lot of wind and mist. I knew we needed something colourful to brighten up our little kitchen window ledge. 

Pinterest is full of pretty planters but at the moment we have very little space and decided on just a couple of little plant pots with some herbs and tomatoes in. 

I popped to Wilkinsons and spotted these little indoor gardeners pots with soil and seeds! Perfect, they were exactly what I needed and only cost a mere 70p I chose Basil, Chives and Tomato plants and then got three little plant pots. 

I've been holding on to these tester paint pots for a while now until they came in handy and knew they'd brighten up pots instantly. 

I lined the top of the pot with masking tape to get the colour block effect then painted a first coat of colour. 
Once the first coat was dry I added another one to make the pot nice and neat. 

I did this to all three of the pots in different colours and waited for them to dry before removing the tape from their tops and got ready to plant in them. 

I put a wedge of kitchen paper in the bottom of all of my pots to soak up the excess water when you water the plants, then popped the little plant pots inside these (until they grow and then I'll replant them in the bigger pots).

These pretty plant pots are sitting happily on my window ledge waiting to sprout into some lovely little plants. Hopefully soon we'll be eating our own basil and tomatoes!
These have been sprouting the past few days and making me so happy when there's another little sprig of green!


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