Teapigs Tea:

I first came across Teapigs tea in Kent while I was on holiday a few years back. I fell head over heels for them and have barely wanted to drink anything else since.

I'm a sucker for loose leaf tea as I think the flavour is ten times better and Teapigs give the option to buy all of their tea loose leaf as well as in tea bags. 
At the moment in my cupboard there is:
Two boxes of loose leaf Super Fruit, 
Four boxes of loose leaf Everyday Brew, 
One boxes of Peppermint tea temples. 

And I love them all! 

The peppermint tea is just so delicious and no where near as sick sweet as other peppermint brands I've tried before. It's closer to mint leaves in hot water and I think that's what makes Teapigs so good at what they're doing. 

My personal favourite and my first Teapigs discovery was Super Fruit, it has cranberries, blueberries, elderberry and many more berries all packed in to one tea. Many fruit teas I think can smell delicious but lack any flavour but the combination of large pieces of dried berries and their own tea temples, which are much more roomy and use a biodegradable mesh, make the tea flavoursome and just so delicious!

I brewed up a cup of Super Fruit to enjoy while I wrote this. And it's still as good as ever!
It's super simple, just pop your tea temple boiling water for three minutes, remove your temple and enjoy! 

G loves this one: 
It's just good old English Breakfast (or now called Everyday Brew) but somehow it tastes better than any other English Breakfast tea I've ever had. It's always difficult to explain how English Breakfast tastes to me, it's just a perfect morning tea to wake you up. 

I also love their Camomile tea and the Mao Feng Green tea. My next try is going to be Spiced Winter Red tea or the Green Tea & Mint. 
Another great thing about these teas is that many of them can also be made into Iced teas by simply making the tea like normal and then topping up with ice water. 

Perfect simple summer drinks!


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