Baby Bunny!

Isn't this little bunny just the cutest thing! I've been trying to think of something to make my little cousins for Easter and I'd spotted lots of cute bunny stuffed animals everywhere. After a little searching I decided to make my own.

So I made this little template, he's A4 size in height and a few inches across. If you want to use this template, just save the image and then fit it to an A4 page on Publisher, Pages or whichever programme you choose and print. 

Lay your wee cut out bunny on your chosen fabric and draw round your bunny shape with a pencil. I've folded over my fabric so I can get the two shapes I need to make my stuffed animal and the side I drew on is the inside so it won't be seen once it's all sewn up. 
Once you've cut him out you might want to iron the fabric if it has creases to make it easier to work with. 

Next up is sewing on bunny's eyes, nose and mouth. Pick one piece and draw them on where and how you want them to be. Pop him in an embroidery hoop to make it easier to sew these on. 

Next up place your two pieces together, the bottom one should be pretty side up and the top piece should be pretty side down. So the two are face to face with each other. 

Pin these in place and sew carefully alone the edge with around a half a centimetre seam allowance. 

Now we're going to turn him inside out. This part is tricky and a paint brush or chopstick can be essential in helping poke through his little ears. 

His ears are tricky and you'll have to persevere with them, use the end of a paintbrush or something similar to turn them the right way out again. 

Next we start stuffing. Start with the ears and small pieces of wadding work best built up and use your paintbrush end to stuff it tightly into the ears to the stand up on their own. 

Keep going until your bunny is stuffed full and you have about 2 centimetres of fabric so we can sew him up.

Fold the two pieces in on themselves, as you would with any hem and then pin these together like in the picture above. 

Now you have a choice you can hand stitch this with either a normal running stitch or an invisible stitch. Or you can pop the bottom in your sewing machine and quick sew along the hem you created.
This won't be as neat as say the invisible stitch but I personally think it adds to the homemade look of your little bunny. 

Then you have your little bunny!

Is there a little cutie in your life you'll be making a bunny for this Easter? (G even wants one!) 


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