NoraJane Handmade Stamps

I love stamps, you may have spied them in a lot of my previous posts. I love that little extra you get from a handmade stamp and I stumbled upon NoraJane on Etsy and fell in love with the work.

So far I've got five of their stamps. Two sewing themed ones and three Woodland ones, the lines and work on them are incredible and so impressive. 

I have used the sewing ones to make 'Handmade for you' tags on presents I've have made and thought today I would try out the Woodland themed ones and give you guys a little peak..

I have a wee trio of trees, a doe and double acorns. When I was choosing from their selection it took me forever as there was just so many pretty stamps to choose from!

I just adore this little doe who looks like she's leaping across my card!

I think though that the trees have to be my favourite, I like that they resemble a forrest when you stamp them in a line. Very cute and perfect for a simple card and just general stamping!

Finally these little acorns are just the sweetest things, I can't quite believe the detail on such a tiny stamp! The acorns have delicate crosshatching on them that makes them look life like on the page.

If you're looking for a beautiful handcraft stamps with amazing detail NoraJane is the perfect place to buy! 


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