We came across Leon last year when we took a trip to London and I did crazy amounts of digging to see what wonderful things we had in store. Especially in the food department. We only paid a flying visit to the little Leon place in King's Cross Station before we got our train home, but my oh my was it good.

My mum had bought me some of the Leon cook books for Christmas a few months before we took our trip. But my most recently acquired Leon cookbook is the Fast Vegetarian.

I was so excited to get this for my birthday! I'm a huge fan of vegetarian food, and for the most part I'd choose veggie over meat (maybe except for bacon...)

Not only do the recipes make me feel like I could eat everything in my kitchen the photography is incredible. I only hope and pray that my version of the recipes turn out as great as theirs look. 

It's filled with staple vegetarian recipes, but also interesting and different takes on recipes I know everyone loves. I'm dying to make the cinnamon toast and their Gnocchi recipe. 

Now summer has finally appeared vegetables and salads are going to be my staple, I can't wait to try out all the recipes in here.

My summer will be filled with good food and hopefully some sunshine. There's an exciting few months ahead.


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