I Am A Mother Missy Lanning- Daily Bumps

So I wanted to share something with you guys that I love.

I've been watching Daily Bumps for a while now and have completely fallen in love with Brian and Missy, and little Ollie of course. If you haven't checked them out yet then go here and you can see how cute Oliver is every day!

While I'm in the UK and we've already had Mother's Day over here, over in the US their Mother's Day is this weekend. In honour of that and of all the amazing Mothers out there Missy, and Brian, have made an incredible video to celebrate.

I Am A Mother- Mother's Day Special 2014

Portrait of a Mother 2013 (Also check out last years video)

I'm not a Mother yet but for me it's one of my biggest aims in life, to create a little family, hopefully in the future I will be honoured enough to have a little baby or two. 

But at the moment I only know how amazing the Mothers around me are; my Mum, my Gran, my Auntie and other family members who do such a wonderful job everyday. 
So thank you to them for how amazing they are and thanks to Brian and Missy for making such a heartfelt tribute to Mama's everywhere. 

Maybe G and I will start vlogging, what do you think?


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