Into the Woods


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Ever since the moment I saw the announcement for Into the Woods I have been dying for it to come out.

I helped in a school performance of this Stephen Sondheim musical a few years ago and, as many stage assistants will tell you, you'll never forget the songs there always there in the back of your mind until someone brings them back up and again and you can recite every word (In my head the same goes for West Side Story and Aladdin).

I was so excited when I heard the first few bars playing on the trailer. And I couldn't wait to see it.

It has definitely lived up to my personal hype. The film was cast wonderfully with a whole host of actors who could surprisingly all sing well. I'm always sad when a musical is cast with an actor who can't sing as well as the rest especially when it's such a well loved musical in the theatre world.

I already adore this story line and even G enjoyed. There were so many highlights but my utmost favourite songs are most definitely 'Giant's in the Sky' from the incredible Daniel Huttlestone who's voice fellow musical lovers might recognise from Les Miserables. 'On the Steps of the Palace', I absolutely love Anna Kendrick, not only is she hilarious but her voice is the stuff of my dreams. And 'Agony' with Chris Pine and Billy Magnussen, a scene which made me laugh out loud.

I know I'm biased as I already loved this musical but it is so wonderful on the big screen!

If you're looking for something to see this weekend I really recommend seeing it, musical fan or otherwise.



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