Spring Fashion Favourites!

I have been so excited for the spring to arrive these past few weeks. The weather isn't exactly on board with my plan to start wearing more summery clothes and less wooly hats! I thought I'd share a few of the trends I'm excited to try out once the weather warms up!


If you follow me on Pinterest you might have spotted my obsession with overalls (dungarees)!
I love that they're so casual and easy for everyday wear.
This H&M pair would be a great starter pair to see how you like wearing them.

Image from hm.com

I've also spotted these from Free People (a brand I'm currently obsessed with!) which are a bit more expensive at £88, but definitely an investment but from what I've heard hard wearing.

Photograph from Free People Blog


Hats! I'm obsessed, I've always loved hats in theory, on other people, I've just never necessarily on myself. But recently I bought a wide brim fedora from Primark as a trial run and I can't get enough hats in my life now!

This Classic Fedora from Catarzi for Asos in a dark red. I love how easily a hat like this can dress up an outfit, you could be wearing jeans and a tshirt and a hat would bring an outfit together. 

Image from Asos.com

A pale grey/pink would be perfect for spring outfits and summer dresses. This hat from Topshop would make a perfect floppy summer hat.

Image from Topshop.com 


It's not a new trend or obsession for me but I can't wait for more stripes. Stripes that I don't have to hide them with coats, scarfs and so many layers.

I love this boxy stripe dress from Next, I can imagine it paired with a nice pair of tan sandals and a easy denim jacket. 

Image from Next.co.uk

And of course this slouchy stripe tee from People Tree would look perfect paired with jeans or tucked into a floral skirt.

Image from Asos.com 


I am sick of boots. That's probably something I never thought I would say, but I can't wait to shed my chunky boots in favour of something a little daintier. I am so excited for sandals!

I actually invested in some Saltwater Sandals for Christmas in anticipation of the spring arriving soon. I have heard so many amazing things about these sandals so decided to just dive in and get a simple tan pair.

Image from Saltwater sandals
Lastly I'm in love with the Lotta From Stockholm Clogs, they have all different styles and heel heights, perfect for someone like me who loves the lower heeled options. I'm lusting after the braided low heel clogs! I feel like they'd go so well with all different outfits, jeans, dresses and skirts.

Image from Breathe Happiness
I can't wait for the warmer weather to appear and hopefully I can break out some of these ideas. 

There's going to be a lot more fashion posts on writerbakermaker this year, so keep a look out for ootds and seasonal favourites.

I'll also be posting over at northumbriafashsoc.blogspot.co.uk so go check it out! My first post, up this week, is all about my eBay/thrifted clothes and how I style them. 

Katy xx

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