Valentines DIY: Origami Hearts

I thought I'd get started on some Valentines prep this week and share a little DIY with you! 

I love origami and making hearts fits perfectly as Valentines is only a couple of weeks away! These are super simple and you can make them in all different sizes. They would look great scattered on the table for valentines dinner or stuck to your present as decorations. 

Take a square piece of card or paper. Fold it in half along the diagonal, corner to corner. Do this both ways on your card so that it is split into 4 triangles.

Take the top of your square and fold it down to the middle line as you see above.

Next take the bottom corner and fold it up to the top of the opposite side.

Next up take one side of your card and fold it over so that the inside lies straight down the middle.

Do the same on to the other side so you have a pointed heart shape.

Then take each side of the heart and fold the points behind so that they are flat.

Finally do the same thing to the top points and there you're done!

I made these in all different sizes and I think they look cute decorating our office. I'll be filling our table with them on Valentines day and might just keep them up for fun afterwards!

I hope these brighten your table on Valentines day!

Katy xx

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