Wedding Wednesday: Update

I can officially say we're getting married next year and I am so excited.

It is 643 days until we get married, or 1 and 3/4 years if you want to be slightly less meticulous about it. We are getting married, sometimes it sinks in and I can't explain how excited I feel, I get to be G's wife. We get to spend the rest of our lives together, go camping, travel the world, start a family, sometimes I look at G and have to take a second to think and breathe.

I wouldn't say wedding planning has stopping but I'm in the middle of a super busy few months finishing my degree and work experience. I'm still pinning away and I've been drawing up ideas for our save the dates/invitations. I hope to use natural sources to make our invitations so recycled card or even maybe wood.

Image from Factorymade Etsy
Image from Red Cloud Boutique on Etsy

We went to visit Hexham Winter Gardens just before Christmas, and it's even more stunning in person than in pictures. Once we're over our busy period we're hoping to take another look maybe this time with our families to see what they think. The space is everything we want, a nice open space we can set up how we like, we can decorate how ever we like bring in different props and lights to suit our style and there's also outside space which if the English winter weather surprises us I would love to include.

Image from
Image from

Dress wise my Mama and I went to visit a small dress shop in Corbridge near to Newcastle, I tried on
a few dresses and did find one in particular I loved, in a style I didn't think I would like. But we are going to look around again once this busy few months is over. There is a new outlet opening in Gateshead with lots of one of dresses at a reduced price (which is of course a bonus) so we're going to go for a browse.

I am getting started on drawing up some invitation/save the date ideas (check my Pinterest! There's a whole Invitations board) and I've so many doodles in different notebooks.

Hopefully soon we can start making more plans and setting things in stone, until then I'll be pinning and day dreaming. If you're intrigued check out my Pinterest where I lots of wedding boards filled with my ideas!

Katy xx

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