Christmas Dec DIY! Dried Oranges

I spotted dried orange slices recently at a Christmas Fair and thought they smelled and looked amazing but they were a little expensive for what was really some oranges! 

I was actually passing through Grainger market a few days ago and spotted 5 for £1 so I thought I'd give it a try. Warning this does take quite a long time, longer than a lot of the things I've read about this say. 

Grab your oranges and get slicing, the more solid your oranges the easier this will be as you want quite thin slices. Then pop them on a wire rack. 

Next up grab some kitchen roll or tissue and dab each side of the orange slices to soak up excess juice.

I then left mine over night in a cupboard to slightly dry out before I got started on them in the oven.

Next up set your oven temperature low around the 100' Celsius mark and put the slices in.
After 1 hour grab your tray and flip the slices over.

Again 45 minutes to an hour later flip them again.

In about 30-45 minutes some of them might be completely dry, you want to make sure they're almost see through and not sticky at all. If they are pop them back in for another 10 minutes and check again.

This process took me about 4-5 hours because I was switching out the finished orange slices for fresh ones until I had them all in the oven.

The thicker the slice is the long it will take to dry so don't worry if they're in for longer than the others or even longer than my recommended times so long as they are not burning you are fine.

With these ones I've decided to grab some string and string some of them together to make decorations for the house! These would also be great as potpourri with some cinnamon sticks and cloves, very wintery!

Another bonus is once you've finished your oven smells amazingly like oranges which is so nice compared to the usual oven smells.

Katy xx

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