Winter Star Garland DIY

I'm back after a little weeks break getting up to date with Uni work and I'm so excited for the winter season. Christmas is coming up so quickly!

So to get me in the winter mood I've been coming up with some Christmas blogging ideas and aided by Pinterest I've decided to give this DIY a go as I had some Fimo in my crafting stash.

This one is really simple but so sweet and wintery!

For this one string of stars I used two lines of the Fimo, so I still have lots left over. I made sure it was warmed up in my hands so it was easy to mould.

As I didn't have a star cutter I just drew a quick star and cut it out to use las a template.

Once I'd rolled out a small piece of Fimo to about a half a centimetre thick I laid the star on top and used my scissors to cut around the shape.

I did this multiple times until I had around 17 stars. If you want to make more stars and a longer garland just use more Fimo and keep making them until you're satisfied you have enough.

I popped two hole in the centre of my stars using a thumbtack, making sure the holes were big enough for you to pass a needle through.

Then bake the stars in the oven at 110'c for 30 minutes. They won't be completely hard until they return to room temperature so don't worry if they're a little bendy.

Finally I picked some red thread and a needle then strung the stars along the thread at 2-3 inch intervals.

Then up on my mantle they went. I used red as it went well in my living room but you can choose any colour!

These are nice and Christmassy so I can leave them up all season. I might even make some more to string around our tree in a few weeks!

I hope this has got you in the Wintery mood, I cannot wait for Christmas to be here it's my favourite time of year.

Tweet me or tag me in a picture if you make these I'd love to see how they look!

Katy xx

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