Advent Day 14: National Wrapping Day!

It's National Wrapping Day! I LOVE to wrap presents it's one of my favourite things about Christmas time, along with finding the perfect gift for friends and family.

Before I start wrapping I like to get the room all cosy, in this case I sat in front of our Christmas tree grabbed all my bits and bobs I need for wrapping and lit some Christmassy candles! And obviously I was joined by little black and white monster Lux. Who is trouble when you're wrapping, she likes to steal string and run under and over all my wrapping paper.

My wrapping style is very classic and simple, but best of all easy peasy! I've always loved to wrap things and it wasn't until the last few years I've refined my wrapping technique and learnt the power of brown paper. Don't get me wrong I'm all for colourful and interesting wrapping paper but my style in recent years has been brown paper and twine with simple reds, greens and metallics. They go with my tree and the Christmas colours we use around the house to decorate.

I thought I'd share my wrapping this year and a few easy things to do with brown paper to jazz it up a little!

So I have my basics, plain brown paper from IKEA and brown fawn printed paper from ASDA, scissors and clear tape. Other things you might want are; Washi tape, string, gift tags, ink and stamps.

My method is the simpler the better, not only is this neutral and goes with any decorations it's also slightly less gaudy than some of the wrapping papers out there.
For a lot of my wrapping I do simple brown paper with either brown twine or ribbon around.

On all of the presents I put tags so even though G will have 5+ presents and all of them will have tags so I don't get confused and give the wrong presents to the wrong people!
For the tags I simply grabbed some plain tags normally used for parcels then I used alphabet stamps to write Merry Christmas.

For other presents I took the brown wrapping and used my deer and tree stamps to print all over the paper. I try to stick with only one or two colours per wrapping so brown and silver or the deer paper with red tag! Other little additions I used are wooden letters! I just grabbed some thin thread and tied it onto the tag, I matched the letter with the name of the person who the present belongs to!

Any wrapping paper can be jazzed up with some ribbon and a little bit of Christmas cheer! You could add Christmas decorations strung around your present with some ribbon, wooden ones would look great and go with most wrapping papers. All different ribbons could look great but pom pom ribbon or ric rac would be super festive! Personally I love twine and old fashioned looking ribbons in natural colours.

I've popped some of my favourites down below the letters from Hobbycraft are the ones I've used on some of my presents!
Pom Pom Ribbon | Paperchase | £2.50, Wooden letters | Hobbycraft | £1.50, Wooden Decorations | £4.09 for 50,
Raffia String | Paperchase | £2.75, Bells | Hobbycraft | £3.00. 

I'd love to see how you wrap your Christmas presents!

Katy! xx

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