Advent Day 15: Kitty Christmas DIYs!

I decided recently that I wasn't going to spend a fortune this Christmas on toys for the cat. I'm a sucker and a total cat person so it's hard for me not to spoil Lux, I headed over to the ever useful Pinterest to find some ideas. (Find me here!)

I started with a little stocking! Super simple but cute and of course everyone needs a stocking at Christmas!

Then I grabbed some red felt from my stash and cut out circle shapes to make mice!

I folded the felt in half and used a simple stitch to sew the sides, stuffing a little bit with wadding before I finished sewing. Then I added a little tail by plaiting some thread and sewing it to one end. Quick and simple toy that you won't mind being destroyed in 10 minutes.

Then I riffled through my scraps of fabric and picked out some material. I drew the outline of a fish and used my pinking sheers so I wouldn't have to do any edges. I sewed two fish shapes together and then added some ribbon so you can drag it along.

Last but not least some simple pom poms with a long enough string to be dragged and dangled.

The easiest way of doing this is to take two fingers and wrap a large amount of wool around them. Once you have enough take a length of string and wrap it around the middle of the wool and put tight, slip the wool off your fingers and tighten the thread as much as possible so it is secure. Cut around the outside of the wool through the loops until you have a pom pom!

My little monster cat is definitely excited for Christmas, she loves to try and pull down the tree and all it's decorations or drag away the already wrapped Christmas presents. I hope your kitties enjoy these!

Katy xx

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