Advent Day 8: 'Merry Christmas' Banner!

Merry Christmas! Christmas has always been my favourite time of year and this year is no exception. I want to have Christmas spirit in every inch of my house so I decided to make some banners to do just that! 

This is nice and simple and uses things you'll likely have around the house. 
You'll need: 
Black card,
White pencil or Chalk pen, 
Hole punch. 

I cut 16 circles using a small bowl to outline the shape. I also punched two holes in the top to thread the string through.

Next up I used a chalk pen to draw my letters on, you can use a white pen or pencil. My banner reads *Merry Christmas*.

Once I finished all my letters I grabbed some green string and threaded my letters together.
I've hung one in my living room above the Christmas tree which you might have seen in my Christmas decorations on Monday! And another in our bedroom above our bed.

I'm all about easy ways to spread the Christmas cheer and this is one of them.

I hope you enjoy making and I'd love to see your pictures if you do! Find my Instagram and Twitter in the side bar.

Katy xx

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