A few wonderful things!

I've always got a little wish list on the go so here's a few things I'm lusting after at the moment!

(Picture from Rowen & Wren page)
This Mason Jar Cocktail shaker from Rowen & Wren is something I'm lusting after. Making cocktails is one of my Spring/Summer resolutions especially for summer BBQ's in our new house.

(Picture from Alphabet Bags page)
Anything Kitty related and I'm hooked. I'm a crazy cat lady ten fold! So this phone case from Alphabet Bags is screaming at me and sitting in my Notonthehighstreet bag waiting for the funds to get it!

(Picture from Carocaro Studio Etsy shop)
This gorgeous typewriter water colour from Carocaro Studio is so pretty! I'm watching lots of vintage typewriters on eBay right now, so this would fit perfectly on my wall hopefully next to a typewriter of my own. 

(Picture from Candy Ruan Etsy page)
This dark brown leather tote from Candy Ruan is on my Birthday wish list! It's so big and roomy, I could imagine using this gorgeous bag every day from the moment I get it. Fingers crossed!

(Picture from Back to Zero Etsy page)
I'm a traditional letter writer and I love to make cards and write letters to people, it's so much more personal and you can make what you send personalised and pretty. This 'Thank You' wax stamp from Back to Zero would be perfect for Thank You cards or just a letter telling someone how much you appreciate them. 

(Picture from Meeta K Wolff Photography) 
I cannot wait for spring to arrive. I mean, hands up if you're sick of this freezing weather I just want to wear my sunnies and dresses again! This picnic looks so delicious and perfect for the spring time! And isn't Meeta K Wolff Photography amazing! 

Paperchase always has the most wonderful things, it's a strange day when I don't come out with a little something even if it's just one of their adorable postcards. This weekend I spotted these gorgeous art deco Thank You cards and couldn't resist, I'll keep them until my birthday and then someone else with get to see their beauty!

Last but not least... It's the beginning of Lent today and I've decided to give up fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate. I love Lent because it challenges me and usually gives me a boost to do the things I have been aiming to do for a while. So bye bye sweets and hello fruit treats! See you at Easter! 


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