Polka dotty T-shirt!

I'm mad about polka dots! Who doesn't love them! They're cute and so dainty.
I did a little spring clothes shopping and found a polka dot dress and skirt but searched high and low for a dotty t-shirt but couldn't find exactly what I wanted.

So I decided to make one! What better way is there to get exactly what you want!
Here goes, you'll need:

Your chosen t-shirt, 
Fabric paint- I used Dylon as it's the most available and cheap I've found,
Paint brush, 

Start with your t-shirt laid out and pop your paper/card inside so to stop the fabric paint from going through to the other side.

Draw where you want your polka dots to be so you have a rough guide of where to paint once you start. They don't need to be the size you want just a rough guide to get you started.

Then get painting! I made my polka dots quite small and dainty but you can make them all whatever size you like. 

Keep going until you've finished polka dotting your whole t-shirt. Remember to move the paper around when when you're painting on different areas. You'll need to leave each area time to dry before you move on so not to smudge. 

Once it's all dry, this will take maybe 30 minutes to be fully dry, grab your iron (carefully obviously) and a piece of clean fabric or cloth and lay it over your t-shirt on the ironing board. 

Iron your fabric and t-shirt, make sure you iron all of your shirt and this will fix the fabric paint so that when you wash it it should stay put.

And you should end up with your perfect polka dotty t-shirt! 

What's your perfect polka dot? I'd love to see your creations!


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