Pom Pom napkin rings

A few posts back I made Napkins which I hand embroidered. The obvious next step was napkin rings so I did a little Pinterest searching and found some ideas with pom poms, and really who doesn't love pom poms!
I remember making them as a kid and loving them, they're easy and super cute! 

These are super easy to make and incorporate three different size pom poms, large, medium and small. They also use hair ties which I know most people will have lying around the house, usually in places you would never expect!

So to make these you're going to need: 
A couple of sheets of card, 
1 large ball of wool, 
Various circular objects of different sizes, 
4 hair ties, 

Take your various objects and trace round them to make your card circles for the pom poms, you'll need large medium and small ones. Altogether you're going to need 8 of each size to make 4 napkin rings.

Cut your circles out and make them into rings like above. 

To get started take 2 rings and put them together. Cut yourself a length of wool, make sure it's not too long so you can still control it. 

Start looping the wool through the rings and layer until you've covered the whole ring a few times and so it's nice and thick. 

You'll need to keep adding string as you go round so just simply knot the new string to the previous one and continue looping. 

Once you've finished looping it should be quite thick and will take preserving to cut through. Try using small embroidery scissors to make the initial cuts and then a bigger pair to cut through big chunks.

When you've finally got all the way round separate the two rings slightly and slip a long piece of string round and between the two.
Pull the thread tight and knot securely then slide the rings off of the pom pom. Fluff up a little so he's nice and full and trim if any bits are longer than others.

Tada! Pom pom galore! You'll need to make plenty more of these in your different sizes ready to make into your rings.

Now to make them into your napkin rings! Take one hair tie and your three pom poms (one of each size) and use the long strings to knot them onto the hair tie, like below. Then trim the strings short once they're all attached.

You should end up with napkin rings like this!
You could also make these multicoloured depending on your colour scheme or just plain like mine. 

Once your finished you should have a set of pom pom napkin rings that will rival a store bought version at a fraction of the price!

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