Mother Day gift ideas:

So I thought you all might appreciate a few ideas for Mother's Day, I love to make my gifts because I think it's so much more personal. But I don't just restrict myself to the actual gifts, cards and wrapping can all be personalised too! I love to receive a gift that's so beautifully wrapped I can barely bring myself to open it, so I make sure that if I give a gift it's wrapped all pretty.

Here's some quick and easy ideas for presents and also for wrapping:

1. Cupcakes!

This must be one of the simplest ways to make your Mum something delicious and pretty. Try this recipe for Jammy Cupcakes and personalise with you Mum's favourite flavour of jam. 

2. A wall print.

Is there a quote your Mum loves or just want to tell her how much you love her? Try this wall print you can draw yourself for her. 

3. Hand embroidery.

My constellation embroidery can be personalised for you Mum too! Either choose her star sign or maybe her name and favourite colours, leave it in the embroidery hoop and she can easily hang it as a reminder of how much you love her. 

4. Hand painted plates.

Hand painted plates look wonderful and have that lovely handmade quality your Mum will love. Choose a pretty pattern, write her name or paint something she loves like a cupcake or a book. 

5. Personalised cards

Make your Mum a card, for these I dug out all my crafty bits and pieces and got creative. Hint: Washi tape is a lifesaver for jazzing something up! It'll go from simple to creative in just a few seconds!

6. Pin cushion. 

Is your Mum big into sewing try a home-made pin cushion, just grab 2 squares of fabric and sew along 3 of the edges, stuff full of wadding and sew the final side. Pretty, useful and simple! 

7. Pretty packaging. 

I'm posting my Mum's present home to her and wanted it to look pretty and inviting. So I grabbed a simple box and painted some polka dots on. 

8. Gift tags. 

Luggage tags can be a transformed into wonderful gift tags with a few simple ideas. 
Try grabbing some paint and roughly covering one side with a colourful lick of paint, once dry write on top of the paint for a cheerful tag. 
Or put to use that Washi tape collection covering tag with pretty patterns or edging with a floral flourish! 

Need more ideas? Well listen to your Mum, I'm sure she's mentioned things she'd love even if it's just a few nights off making dinner or time alone to relax with a book. 

What are you giving your Mum this year? 


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