I hate mayonnaise. With a capital H!
Ever buy a pre packed, pre made sandwich (probably days before) just dripping in mayonnaise- my worst nightmare. I can be tempted with a little with chips but only on my terms.
I thought I'd give homemade Mayo the benefit of the doubt and since I was using egg whites this weekend I had egg yolks left over. What better time to give it a go!

Everyone will tell you that Mayonnaise is terribly hard to make, while this recipe takes a lot of elbow grease and some hard work it's actually quite simple if you stick to the recipe.

What you'll need:
2 egg yolks,
500 ml of Olive (You choose vegetable, olive, rapeseed...),
1 heaped teaspoon of Dijon Mustard,
2 tablespoons of White Wine Vinegar,
A big pinch of salt,
Half a lemon,

What to do:

1. Put your two egg yolks in a bowl, whisk them for a few minutes to get started. 

2.Take your dijon mustard and add one table spoon. Continue to whisk again (there's going to be a lot of whisking!)

3. Take 250ml of your 500ml of chosen oil and very slowly, like drip by drip whisk it in. 
You'll need to do this super slowly, once you added a little make sure it's completely incorporated otherwise you might not get the emulsion you need. 

4. Next up, add one tablespoon of the white wine vinegar and whisk again, this will loosen up the mixture and make it a little lighter in colour. 

5. Next step is the rest of the oil. Keep whisking! You're arms probably killing you by now but I promise it'll be worth it. 

If you've whisked hard enough and persevered you should end up with something like above. It'll be glossy and thick and stick to the spoon if you've gotten it right. 
6. Once you've hit this stage add salt and lemon juice to your taste and enjoy! 

It won't look like the usual store bought mayonnaise and will be no where near as good for you but it tastes delicious. I think it's just a perfect excuse to throw out your diet for a day or two!



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