Jammy Cupcakes

I'm cupcake MAD!
If there's one thing I couldn't live without baking it would be cupcakes. They're easy and delicious!
Cupcakes are adaptable and you can always find something in your kitchen to throw in, chocolate chips, lemon, there's so many options.

This jam cupcake recipe is no exemption and can be adapted for every kind of jam you have in your cupboard. Today I used my Mama's homemade Elderberry jam which G loves! We only had a little left so I thought I'd whip it up into something sweet.


120g unsalted butter,
340g self raising flour,
1/2 teaspoon of salt,
4 large egg yolks,
360g soft brown sugar (can be substituted with caster sugar for a lighter coloured cake)
180ml milk,
1 teaspoon of white wine vinegar,
150g of your jam,

450g icing sugar,
120g soft butter,
50g of your chosen jam,

How to:

Add your flour, butter and salt into the mixing bowl and combine together until it form the consistency of crumbs.

In the jug add half of the jam, the egg yolks, milk and white wine vinegar. Whisk until it's all combined thoroughly and turns the colour of your chosen jam.

Add half of the mixture from your jug to the dry ingredients whisk until fully combined. Then slowly add the rest of the mixture until the mix is smooth.

Fill your cupcake cases 3/4 full.

Put a drop of your jam on top of the filled cupcake cases and use a skewer to swirl the jam into the top of your cupcakes. 

Set your timer for 20 minutes but peep in the oven at about 10 minutes to check they aren't burning on the top. If they are pop a layer of tin foil over the top. 

To check your cupcakes are ready insert a skewer into the centre, if it comes out clean then they're ready if not put them back in for a 5 more minutes and check again. 

Once they're cool enough to touch take them out and leave them on a rack until cool to the touch. 

Now for the best and most delicious part (of course) the frosting! 
I could just eat a bowl of frosting on it's own to be honest but I suppose it should go on the cupcakes. 

Add your icing sugar and softened butter to a bowl and use a spoon to cream this together slightly before we bring out the hand whisk. 

Once it's all combined, and you won't get a sugar shower when you turn your whisk on, mix until fluffy and soft looking. 

Add your jam to the frosting and again whisk until fluffy and thick icing. You want it to hold it's own so if you lift your whisk out of the mix and it stays in a peak then it's perfect. 

Take your piping bags and fill with all your frosting. I use disposable ones because no fabric ones have been able to stand the test yet. 

Decorate in any way you like, swirls, slicks or dots of icing all look perfect because really the important part is how they taste. 

Last but not least. Eat! 

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